Georgia Medical Waste

Viscera Containment and Removal

Georgia Medical Waste will supply you with a five gallon containment bucket that seals.  

There are additional fees to process and incinerate viscera.  All viscera is transported out of state and the fee to process viscera is $150.00 per five gallon bucket.

Contracted Services

Most doctor offices or clinics are accustomed to service plans and prefer to operate their offices as such.  You may contact our office to discuss our 12 / 24 / 36 month plans.

Service Plans

We offer a no contract plan that is set up to where you call us when you need us. The state of Georgia is not regulated to a monthly service plan by the state to show a monthly service plan.  

This allows Georgia Medical Waste to offer a non contract service plan to our clients. We supply you with a 35 gallon box and    

Your Green Solution for Medial Waste Disposal